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Travel with Kitty and Daisy Jenks

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Walks // Delicious Breakfasts // Relaxing in the Sunshine

Daisy and Kitty are a dynamic duo to say the least. Two gorgeous sisters who work as a videographers for weddings and parties creating the most energetic and fun mementos of the occasion. They are the OG’s of the Lip Sync video and are the must have for any and every event! Kitty mentions “We are very lucky and get to travel to some lovely places with our job and always try to make the most of where we are together.” 

So here are their tips on some of their fave spots:


Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

On the southern tip of Sri Lanka the Dutch Galle is a grid of amazing cobbled streets that you can get quite lost in! A colonial experience, fantastic for a day trip, full of jewellery, material and now ice cream shops. Sit on the wall and watch the horizon as the sun goes down

There are also a huge amount of secluded beaches along this coast of Sri Lanka, as seen below. Our top tip in finding these isolated spots is to not go to the sign posted beaches.. but stop off the side of the road and walk to find nice secluded ones where there are only fishermen and no tourists!!

Also in Sri Lanka every full moon day is known as a Poya, all the villages decorate their temples with fairy lights and line the streets to watch a parade come down. Everyone wears white, theres music, street food and amazing religious ceremonies! This one pictured below took place in Pilana.

Gstaad, Swiss Alps

Arriving by train you feel like you're arriving into a toy town, go straight to Early Beck Bakery, right opposite the train station for a green cake (Swiss Carac). We prefer walking in the summer even more than the ski season. 

Mahon, Menorca 

Amazing beaches and hidden restaurants in Mahon town make it such an incredible destination to visit. Go for a local Spanish Fiesta, lots of dancing in the streets, which happens once a weekend on the island! And don't forget the paddle tennis! All such fun in this gorgeous but rustic town.

This is a very good in depth guide for places to go and things to do when in Mahon and Menorca:


Borgo di Carpiano, Umbria, Italy

This was hands down the best place I have ever eaten. A beautiful farm house hotel run by husband and wife Riccardo & Marilisa. A paradisiacal collision of rural Italian countryside and total luxury that provides the most perfect secluded and tranquil getaway. I was lucky enough to stay there on their only free night of the whole season last year. The hotel hosts only 9 rooms allowing every desire of each guest to be taken care of by the incredible owners. With the menu for supper you also receive a full olive oil menu. With everything coming from the owner’s incredible kitchen garden

Jardi de ses Bruixes, Mahon

One of the hidden gems in Mahon is to sit in the courtyard of the Jardi de sea Bruixes surrounded by orange trees for a delicious relaxed breakfast or a more formal dinner under the glistening alfresco chandeliers

Riccardo's, London

A regular haunt for us is to the understated but perfect Italian restaurant Riccardo's on the Fulham Road in London. The Ravioli with Butter and Sage is the perfect plate. Take a visit just for that and you will not be disappointed!


Es Cucons, Ibiza

Run by sisters, a rural hotel surrounded by fields. Acting as the perfect and peaceful antidote to on the party island! Cycle just a short distance to the nearby cliff edge where you can have a drink surveying the most breathtaking views while only ever having to bump into one or two other hikers. A fantastic experience from beginning to end. 

Torrelbenc, Menorca

Keeping on the calm, quiet and tranquil theme... this simple and lovely hotel encompasses that calm breath of fresh air we all desire and need in order to step away from our fast paced lives.

Al Santo Fulham & The Dance Attic, London

Step into another Mecca of Italian food hidden in London's Fulham district and go in for a big bowl of pasta after a dance class across the street at the Dance Attic. An ideal evening of fun, exercise, meeting new people and delicious food at the best of all restaurants in Fulham!


Having a lift down the Danube back to Budapest on a speedboat from our lunch waiter after he served my boyfriend and I a traditional Goulash!


Remember to pack socks


Hopefully Menorca, but I'd stay here if the English weather remains like this!!! 


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