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Travel with Anya McGanty

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Hiking // Roughing It // Locals-Only Vibe // Foodie

Anya McGanty is studying for her MBA (Masters in Business Administration) and currently living in Boulder, CO. She has two dogs and loves to be outside adventuring either hiking, camping or biking! Her dream is to retire into the mountains and do ALL the activities (ideally, starting tomorrow)!

We spoke with Anya about her adventurous spirit, love of the outdoors and desire to find the unspoilt spots. Here is her take on some of her top tips:


Oberstdorf, Germany

Oberstdorf is a little mountain town nestled near the Austria border. It has a "locals" vibe, with just a few restaurants and hotels. Given its small size, there are rarely many tourists around which is astounding given the spectacular hiking and panoramic views. I'd recommend this place for anyone wanting a beautiful mountain getaway with a "live like the locals" vibe.

Cabo Pulmo Diving, Mexico

Cabo Pulmo is a tiny marine reserve in Mexico, in the Sea of Cortez region. With very few places to stay and a dirt road drive to get there, this place is only visited by a handful of tourists every year. With that comes the most incredible array of ocean wildlife, from Mobula Rays and Bull Sharks, to incredible tornadoes of Jack Fish (made up of over 100,000 fish)!

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Keeping with the "locals only" trend, Steamboat Springs is a mountain town nestled in the Rocky Mountains - but away from the hustle and bustle of Vail / Aspen / Breckenridge. In the winter Steamboat's skiing is world class, and you can warm up in the Strawberry Park hot springs. In the summer, mountain bikers and hikers take to the slopes and float down the river with cans of beer right through the centre of town! There are some really amazing hotels in Steamboat Springs to check out.

Some top tips on how and where to tube:


Cholada, Malibu

A hole-in-the wall Thai restaurant where you can sit with your feet in the sand, while enjoying some of the most authentic Thai food that LA has to offer.

Any beachside restaurant in the British Virgin Islands

Every beach side spot seems to offer two perfect meals: BBQ baby back ribs and grilled lobster! One of my favourite memories of time spent in the Caribbean is switching between ribs and lobster for every meal!!

Westside Tavern, Longmont Colorado

This restaurant in Old-Town Longmont is a hole in the wall that only the locals know of! It has a speak-easy theme (since it's built inside an old house), and the owners are ex-cocktail bartenders from Vegas. This place has some of the best steak and cocktails I've ever had - at a great price


In Oberstdorf, Germany - hiking the Rubihorn. The mountain was covered in mini waterfalls that were crystal clear and perfect for drinking. Halfway up there was an emerald lake for a mid-hike alpine dip, and the views from the peak were spectacular! A long day hiking, but one of my favourite vacation memories of all time. 


It will likely be Mexico, since it's the closest international travel spot. Definitely on the Sea of Cortez side! Otherwise, my further travel plans include drinking and eating in the South of France and diving into the Med, because it has been too long!


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